Technical Theory -
Pointillism and Divisionism



The Artist , Sylvia Meissner is self taught - the technique which came to her naturally was founded by the famous French Impressionists of the late 18th Century .

Pointillism is a form of painting in which tiny primary – colour dots is used to generate secondary dots . It is an offshoot of Impressionism and is usually classified as a form of Post – Impressionism . Pointillism is the specific style of brushstroke used to apply the paint .

The term” Pointillism “ was first used by Georges Seurat , followed by other Artist’s - Paul Signac and Henri – Edmond Cross .

The technique of “ Divisionism “ a term invented by Paul Signac , was developed to bring separation of colour dots into a section which then was applied directly onto the canvas .

This method produced maximum brilliance scientifically and to avoid muddiness caused by physical mixing of colours before applying them to the Canvas .

Divisionism refers to the separation of colour in an area . Seen close to the mass of contrasting dots at a distance , the colours enhance each other to produce an effect of shimmering luminosity .

The Artist connects to her work as – “ Vibrational colour healing “ which taps into a level of – “ Chi energy “ . Every Art work has a psychic field of energy that taps into the energy Centres of Mankind . We take light in through in the eyes and absorb it through the Auric field of the body and the skin. Colour is like fuel for the body , each person will be attracted to a particular art work for balance, harmony and healing .

The section on – “ Colour Healing “ further explains how it all works .