Healing Art Designs specialses in all areas of Art and Colour theory for Interior design development.

The basic key principles is to bring “ Visionary concepts “ of beauty , creativity and colour harmony into an exsisting environment . The co- founder of the company works as an International artist , a psychic , a healer and a colour therapist which explores the realm of metaphysics and spiritual concepts with – “ Healing through Colour and Nature “ .

By implementing a level of  “  Colour Healing “into one’s life – this energy source derived from the Cosmos , certainly has a powerful influence for the mind , body and Soul . Colour therapy is the new vision for mankind living in the 21st century !
 Nature which express’s colour plays a vital role toward the constitution of    mankind’s health , balance and further evolution in life .

The magical workings of applying colour into a living environment is to create a  Positive chi energy flow that is beneficial also on a healing level . The other focus  Is to create a magical ambience which further enhances success for the business .

The artist/alchemist connects with her intuition , colour knowledge and creative  Ideas to bring in the desired result of achieving a sense of empowerment and  holistic concepts which tap into planetary and environmental awareness .
 Her vision and inspiration is dedicated to – “ Mother Earth “ which connects to the  Divine laws of nature and the Universe . In the designs contain metaphysical tools  that assist in creating powerful simplistic and elegant works of creativity . These   works of creativity of colour , art , beauty and design of nature can be implemented into any product . 
 The healing aspect of every artwork connects to a field of light energy which we absorb through the eyes to bring in balance , energy and harmony for the body  chakra’s . Every Art work has a level of “ Chi energy “ where the flow of colour field  helps to open , activate and heal the chakra’s .

A person may become magnetized or attuned to a particular Art work that incorporates a flow of colours for healing , upliftment , calmness , energy , peace ,  relaxation , inspiration etc .

One’s thoughts, values and attitudes are held within the chakra’s which are brought forward to our conscious mind through to the physical brain . Every chakra relates towards the emotional , mental , spiritual and physical aspect of the body within  mankind . When these chakra’s become stressed , blocked or overloaded – the body of mankind is not in harmony and is out of balance . When these conditions occur , we can develop a level of  dis – easement or illness relating to the affected chakra or  chakra’s .

The co – founder of “ Healing Art Designs “ would like to introduce – “ Colour  medicine for the 21st Century “ through her Artwork .

Colour is a living energy and has it’s own language .  By introducing “ Colour Therapy “ for the body chakra’s , we can begin to harmonise  And create inner balance/ healing for the physical being .The human mind is a  powerful organ where it controls the body .When the chakra’s change our thought  Patterns will also change . The human body requires the full spectrum of colour and
light for survival , health , direction , happiness , balance , wholeness , motivation ,  healing , upliftment and for peace of mind .

The future of the World living in today for the 21st Century moves into – “ The  Golden Age " of spiritual awakening to help advance mankind’s evolution on  Earth . Her pioneering spirit and vision connects to the field of sciences where  Colour and light energy will become the new founded medicine for future  Generations to understand and to use .

The application for the use of colour explained by the artist has a purpose for  Mankind to – “ Enlighten one’s own senses ! " .

The source of divine inspiration is a natural progression for mankind to understand  his/her own spiritual development , purpose in life and to activate unconditional  Love that will bring in peace and harmony for the World ! 

 The message behind the Healing Art Designs Logo – 
 The Sun : represents optimism , happiness and the power of positive thinking !
 The Rainbow : allows the window of healing for mankind through colour vibration .
 The Heart and Angel Wings : are our guides and soul spirit to know thyself in every  way .
 The Star : promotes hope , success , protection , wishes fulfilled and Divine Guidance
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