Introducing Sylvia Meissner

Sylvia Meissner has worked in her own business for the last 14 years. She has had galleries in The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Marina Mirage in Southport QLD, The Oasis Shopping Centre Broadbeach QLD, and currently at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Art exhibitions held locally and overseas in Hong Kong, China and Dubai.

Sylvia has worked along side The Sydney Habour casino,  purchaser of art and sponsor for an art event in Hong Kong, raising funds for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. With invitations from the CEO of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for an art exhibition "Fire - Wind - Ice" Sylvia helped to raise funds with WWF - HK. Her works were sold to private buyers of Hong Kong Bank, private collectors and WWF.

Comissioned works have been made of the Landmark Apartements in Sydney (2m x 2m) in the lobby entrance, private penhouses in Sydney and Adelaide and Sylvia has also sold works to Mission Hills China Golf Club.

By Invitation for an art exhibition at Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Sylvia launched the "Color Medicine for the 21st Century" The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre selected Sylvia as one of the top 5 artists from QLD to present art and themes. Her art works were also displayed at the Shanghai Art and Exhibition Trade Centre in China.

Currently, Sylvia is working as a Consultant and Artist for a Casino in the USA, introducing visionary concepts, theme and colour harmony, while liasing with architects, interior designers and the CEO of the Casino.

 Artist's Statement



Time for changes and new beginnings. Every soul has a journey in their life and all things are fated along this path. During these times there are often many tests and challenges which one must go through, in order to learn and grow.

My name is Sylvia Meissner which in Latin means 'Forest elf'. As a young child I was always fascinated with Nature ! The moment I could hold a pen to draw, I was lost in my own World. This was a happy and natural state to be in. I have come to the realization through my path as an artist, I can bring into this world the finer energies of nature, combined with the ability to tune into the spiritual realm.

Being self-taught, Sylvia Meissner has developed her own technique to portray landscapes, universal themes, healing geomentry maps for the chakra’s , ocean underworld and floral designs. The artist utilizes a variety of colours that enhance light and movement. In her technique, she uses a small brush to create fine points of colour onto the canvas. These are sometimes single dots, and in other cases the dots overlap to create different colours. This individual style is unusual and highly technical called – “ Pointillism “ .

The placement of dots in each painting taps into the spiritual realm of - "Chi energy".

Everything in life is made up of matter and energy. The world of this highly creative artist reflects the fine structures that is found within the universe.

With her very personal expression of art, the artists reveals colour, movement, energy and intense passion that create a wonderful flow of paint on the canvas.

Some of the artworks contain a metallic medium of opal, gold and silver that reflects the true property of light. The images created through this medium give a three-dimensional effect, making the paintings highly interesting and complex.

With her very personal expression of art , her work taps into - “ Healing through Colour and Nature ! “